Hypnotic feminization

Hypnotic feminizationFeeling Feminine - Difficult for a man, but not impossible!

Forced Feminization and Feminization Hypnosis

Anyone who has had a mammal pet such as a dog or cat will have noted that they will often play fantasy games. Perhaps you've seen a cat chasing an imaginary mouse or something; or a dog running around barking and pouncing on thin air.

People are no different in that they play fantasy games. But they are very different in the scope and imagination. People can play games that satisfy various needs that they may have, and can use toys and tools to help.

Feminization in nature and people

People certainly have different needs. For example, some people enjoy shooting games such as Paintball; some go for financial games like Monopoly; and some play sex games, of which there are all types.

Now, men and women have different needs. For example, it's hard to imagine a woman wanting to fantasize that she's a woman; after all, she already is one! But there are many men who fantasize just that: Being a woman.

In nature, certain species will change from being one sex to another, such as certain types of lizards that become female when there are too few males. Certain snails can choose male, female or hermaphrodite according to circumstances.

Humans don't have this luxury of "just choosing." A woman trapped in a man's body needs tools and ideas to help. There is the ultimate route of surgery, of course, with hormone treatment. Of course, with today's technology, a man will never become a complete woman with the ability to bear children (but I'm sure it'll happen someday). However, in other physical respects, a man can be just like a woman — breasts, less facial hair, and woman's groins.
Feminization hypnosis

There is a problem when it comes to a man's mental thoughts and overt behavior, though. You see, men's and women's brains really are different. They have different sizes; their corpus callosum (which joins the two brain halves) differ; and brain scans have shown that men and women process thoughts, language, ideas and solutions differently.

So, how can a man learn to behave and think like a woman, and appear to be a woman in all respects, not just physical?

For this behavior to become natural and automatic, a man needs to practice, of course. But that's not all. For the behavior has to be backed up by belief. If the man doesn't believe himself to be a "herself", the behavior will never become automatic and deeply felt.

Although a complete transformation is impossible — you can't change your brain itself — your subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and can help you enormously. If you can get your unconscious mind to hold those beliefs for you, then your new behavior will become automatic and natural — and people who see you dressed as a woman will assume that you really are a woman!

Hypnotic feminization


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